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Redwood AR


Mixed-Reality, Game-Based Learning

Redwood is the first Augmented Reality math adventure game aligned to national and state math standards. Redwood taps into and sustains early intellectual curiosity in math through two highly-engaging in-game modes: Adventure Mode, and Pattern Mode.

Adventure Mode: learners explore a 3D world map of 9 unique regions filled with embedded math Quests. A wide range of 3D shapes and objects from the natural world can be unlocked and interacted with in Augmented Reality.

Learning Outcomes: Counting by Ones, Skip Counting, Multiplication

Pattern Mode: learners complete patterns of 3D shapes and sequences to build foundational spatial reasoning and pattern recognition skills.

Learning Outcomes: Pattern reasoning

Why Augmented Reality?

1) Augmented Reality is more fun. Play is central to human learning. Learning cannot be forced and must be student-led. Redwood immerses learners in an interactive 3D environment where they are at the center of their learning.

2) Augmented Reality is pedagogically superior. Early math education is fundamentally about spatial awareness, and much of math is rooted in three-dimensional concepts. Redwood teaches 3D concepts in 3D, providing a learning experience that is far more intuitive and accessible.

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