Innovation in Learning is Needed Now More Than Ever

Redwood​ is an Augmented Reality theme-based learning game that puts students at the center of their education. Through interactive math quests aligned to national and state standards, Redwood makes math fun for students and manageable for parents.


We are in a Learning Crisis


The education system is systematically failing those who need it most

Covid-19 has exacerbated already-debilitating levels of educational inequality across the world. Student outcomes in distanced learning have been directly correlated with socioeconomic status, with the most marginalized and vulnerable students struggling the most (The Economist). Existing education technology has failed to sufficiently engage young learners and prepare them for the steep challenges they will face in a future workplace that is evolving rapidly. Young students today are simply unprepared to enter an increasingly automated and complex world.

For neurodiverse learners, the problem is all the worse.

Meet the Team

Redwood was founded by University of Virginia undergraduate students deeply troubled by the inability of existing distance learning programs to engage young learners and keep them on track to excel academically.

Ed Radion
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ed is a Fourth-Year student at the University of Virginia double majoring in Commerce and Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law. As a first-generation college student, Ed firsthand understands the transformative power of quality education and is deeply committed to leveling the educational playing field. Ed brings a wide range of experience from his former roles in tech investment banking, early-stage software engineering, and leadership positions across several organizations at UVA. In his free time, Ed enjoys playing tennis, DJing, and playing guitar.

Lukas Houpt
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Lukas is a third-year student at the University of Virginia studying Statistics and Environmental Science, and has a strong background both in data science and in education as a former English teacher and current instructor of Forge’s Node Pro data science course. In addition to education, Lukas is also passionate about Sustainable Development, having worked in renewable energy development and for a plethora of environmental NGOs. He recognizes the interconnectedness of different social inequalities and identifies education as the most universal way of solving big problems facing the world.

Roger Zhu
Product Design Lead

Roger is a PhD candidate at the University of Virginia, studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. His past work includes using creative data science and visual tools to demonstrate the importance of energy efficiency, equity and renewable energy transition. He is now using his design skills to help build products increasing educational equity. During his free time, Roger enjoys hiking and creating visual art projects.

Board of Advisors

Redwood is advised by experts in education, technology, and business

Jennie Chiu
Game-Based Learning Expert

Jennie is a professor at the University of Virginia School of Education and Human Development where she specializes in game-based STEM learning, instructional technology, and equitable access to digital resources and opportunities.

Rachelle Dené Poth
AR / VR in Education Expert

Rachelle is a teacher, attorney, and education consultant who specializes in the application of Augmented and Virtual Reality in education. As the past president of the ISTE Teacher Education Network, Rachelle brings a truly interdisciplinary skillset to the Redwood team.

Dan Radion
Technology Expert

Dan is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google where he is responsible for monitoring and improving company-wide product development workflows. Specializing in databases and cloud computing, Dan combines his highly technical skillset with a deep passion for equity in education.